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Forwarding to your current email address:

A dentalcorp email address has been created under your name and an auto-forward has been set-up to the email address from our records. Your new dentalcorp email credentials are below.

**Note that the temporary password is the same for all Partners. Please change this password through webmail at your earliest convenience.

Email Credentials Example 

Partner: John Doe
Temporary Password: TempPass/4u

To make any changes to the email address provided you, to change the forwarding address, or for other technical questions, please reach out to the IT team by emailing

Accessing your dentalcorp email directly through webmail and mobile platforms:

Below are instructions to directly access your dentalcorp email on a browser and mobile device platforms.


  1. Go to
  2. Type in your username
    1. First initial and last name @
    2. E.g. John Doe >
  3. Type in your password and press sign in
  4. Select the app Mail
  5. Select your preferred language and time zone
  6. Start Emailing
*** Note: the password will expire every 3 months. Please log in to webmail to update your password.

Setup Email on iPhone and iPad

  1. Add your Exchange account
    1. Tap settings > accounts and Passwords > add account > Exchange
  2. Enter your username
    1. First initial and lastname @
    2. E.g. John Doe >
  3. Sign In to connect
    1. Enter above email address and password
    2. Sync your content
  4. Make sure Mail is on (green)
  5. Anytime you need to enter your new password
    1. Tap settings > Account and Passwords, and select your email account > enter your new/updated credentials

Setup Email on Android Phones and Tablets

  1. Add your Exchange Account
    1. Tap settings > Accounts > Add Account > Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync
  2. Enter your Username
    1. First initial and last name @
    2. E.g. John Doe >
  3. Enter Password
  4. Sign In
  5. If Auto fails, enter Exchange Server Settings
    1. Domain\username > \
    2. Exchange Server >
    3. Check Use Secure Connection (SSL)
    1. Name your account
    2. Start Emailing
        1. Tap Email app
        2. Your emails will sync to your phone